How does iFlex Wood Products work?

How does iFlex Wood Products work?

It is me again, Margaret.  Phyllis with an iFlex how to.

So many folks get confused with what is iFlex Wood Products and how do I use them.  Y'all it is so easy, even I could do it from the beginning.

The iFlex Wood Product is a wooden moulding that when heated, it will flex to the shape of the project you are using it on.  It is a composite material.  It can be stained, painted, drilled or sanded. 

What is so special about it?  It is beautiful, easy to use, doesn't need special tools, can be used  by anyone, great for crafting, furniture artist and even contractors, but best of all it is cost effective.

You have to first start with what you want to do.  What designs do you want and what do you want to accomplish?  

Things you will need/want:

  • heat source, ie. hair dryer, heat gun or griddle
  • good quality wood glue
  • paint or stain of your choice 
  • and of course, iFlex Wood Products

I keep a paint brush and cup of clean water to clean up any excess glue.

Heat your iFlex, if you are using a griddle, don't put it higher that 275 degrees. Since iFlex is a wood product, it can scorch. If you heat it one place too long, sand off that part and reheat.

Have it ready for your project.  You can paint it first, then heat or paint it once it is on the project.

Apply glue to all of the edges of the iFlex.  If some comes out, that is what you will use the paint brush and clean water for.

Press firmly on the iflex for it to adhere the project. Lightly heat up while holding it in place.  If you want extra protection, you can use clamps or tape.  I don't usually need to do this step unless it is a heavy piece.

Clean up any glue that may come out from under the iFlex.

Is it really that easy?  Yes, absolutley.

Will it stay?  If you used a good glue and it adheared properly you should not have any issues.

Can I put it outside?  This is a wood product, you will have to seal with a good outdoor sealer if it is going to be exposed to the elements.


Thanks for checking in with us and have an incredible week. 



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