Welcome to The Shop

Welcome to The Shop

Hi everyone!  Welcome to The Shop and all of our crazy, incredible, most sane projects and shenanigans. 

I started down this path professionally in 2020.  Right? One click for crazy.  But I am a craft supply hoarder and I come with references.  Just ask my husband.  I have 3 attics, 3 storage buildings and 4 retail locations that I stash decorations, dishes and dynamite crafting supplies.  He calls it the crap room.  I know y'all can say the exact same.  

I will dig out some pictures over the next few months.  One year, my family gave me a crown for Queen of the Goodwill.  I laughed, they laughed, but I got tons of great things from junk stores.  

A year or two later 2013, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and after 3 years of chemo treatments and 3 times it came back, I retired from my real job as a Safety and Environmental Manager for a manufacturing company.  That is when my sister n law and partner in crime asked me to work with them and open a Vintage Market.  We opened the first one in April 2017, the second one in Jan 2019 and the third in Oct 2019.  We have 260 vendors who we now call family. It has been a wild ride. 

 I then stepped out into the crafting/furniture world as a supplier of iFlex Wood Products.  I am hooked, in love and in hate.  Hate???? you ask.  I hate not having enough room for all of my new stuff.

This blog is going to be a jump off on how to do's, how to don't and a few projects in between.  Pictures, videos and whatever I can throw into the Gumbo pot of information.

Stick with me and lets "laissez les bon temp rouler", let the good times roll.


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