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8oz Bundle Neon Paint by Paint Couture

8oz Bundle Neon Paint by Paint Couture

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8oz Bundle of Neon Paints.  One each of the 8 colors.  

Dance Party Neon Paint by Paint Couture is an acrylic water based mineral paint.  Paint Couture Neon Paints are self-leveling and have a built-in exterior rated topcoat.  Paint Couture paint is proudly made with renewable resources making it environmentally friendly and safe with a Low VOC rating (VOC <65 g/l).  It is made without any of the highly carcinogenic PVA (polyvinyl alcohol).  Our neon paint has exceptional durability and amazing coverage while providing a silky smooth finish with the added benefit of being mold and mildew resistant.

Use Paint Couture glaze to enhance your project for a distressed or antiqued look and don't forget about the Metallic Paints as well for added elegance.  Use Paint Couture 2-in-1 Premium Plus Bonding and Blocking Primer for non-wood surfaces or for wood that may bleed through with tannins.  Our Topcoats are recommended for heavy interior use or our Extreme Guard for exterior use.  Paint Couture Extender can be used to increase the dry time of our paints by adding small amounts, not to exceed 15%. 

Dry times are estimated at 45 minutes based off ideal conditions (70F/21C, 70% humidity). Cool temperatures and high humidity can prolong dry time up to 8-10 hours.

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