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iFlex Wood Products

IFW 3623 Gears

IFW 3623 Gears

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iFlex Wood Products features a cost-effective assortment of heat bendable decorative mouldings, embellishments and trim that can be painted, stained, drilled, sanded and varnished like any other piece of wood. They become pliable once heated and most are lightweight. iFlex Wood Products can be molded to fit tight radiuses and contoured to multiple surfaces including wood, glass, metal, vinyl, MDF, plastic and more!
iFlex Wood Products are so easy to apply with a quality wood glue or adhesive. They bend with the aide of heat from a hair dryer, heat gun or by steam. These amazing embellishments will give an added flair to your craft and furniture projects and so much more!
Eco-information: No new trees are used in creating iFlex Wood Products.

iFlex Wood Products is composed of over 90% recycled wood fibers, resin, natural oil and thousands of pounds of pressure. The product can be safely heated and used indoors and outdoors* ("For Outdoor use products must be properly sealed with an outdoor rated topcoat).
iFlex Wood Products Moldings are proudly package in the USA and has a large array of designs to select from.

iFlex Wood Products MUST be heated before being bent or trying to flex them. iFlex Wood Product Trims come in a roll. You can heat them with a hair dryer or heat gun. When it is heated properly it becomes very flexible and malleable. If it is not, it’s not warm enough.

You can apply iFlex Wood Products with a quality wood glue. Once applied to the piece, heat it again and push it down to mould it perfectly to your piece. If you break your iFlex Wood Product before applying, no worries it is repairable! Attach one portion to your piece and apply glue to your broken piece. Attach your broken piece, then heat both pieces on the project at the breakage point and press together.

If you have questions on applying your iFlex Wood Products please contact us and we will be happy to assist! DonIFWt forget to check out all of the amazing designs we offer and the high-quality Perfect Pigments as well for all of your project needs. Imagine the endless possibilities with our quality designs and affordable pricing!

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